Qualification process of the most awaited tournament i.e. ICC Men’s T20 world cup, which will be hosted by India in 2021, is unveiled by the International cricket council (ICC). You must be eagerly waiting for the announcements. But before we come to the schedule, you must know that formerly played as ICC Champions Trophy, which was constituted of 8 teams is now replaced by T20 world cup 2021, where we will see 16 teams competing for the trophy. Of course you might be aware of this. Everyone knows it, even a 5-year child also loves and enjoys fascinating and thrilling cricket. 

So let’s get to the qualifying events for the T20 world cup 2021 for Men. Firstly eight teams will compete in 11 regional qualification matches that will be held in East Asia Pacific, America, Europe, Asia and Africa i.e. 5 ICC regions. These eight teams will play to evolve to get a seat in one or the other global qualifying matches. The remaining 8 teams, T20 world cup 2020’s bottom four teams will participate along with 4 teams ranked by T20I on 01-01-2020 (Hong Kong, Nepal, UAE, Zimbabwe) as best.

Only 12 teams will make it to the round 2 that will be held in Australia. These 12 teams will get the automatic entry card for the following year’s events. After that, the competition will go to the next level when the best teams of the world will play in 2 global qualifiers for 4 spots in the T20 world cup.

Chris Tetley, ICC head of events while talking to the media said that the decision was taken keeping in mind their commitment of global growth. Since cricket is lovable by the whole world, it is used as a vehicle to deliver the promise. He also informed that regional and global qualification tracks are well organized. It has been keenly taken care of, that despite the tight timelines, they deliver competitive and irresistible cricket.

He also said that while finalizing the criteria with Members, they have come across innumerable options. They find this approach best suited for both global and regional competitions for ICC T20 world cup 2021 for Men. Only those members are eligible for participation, who meets EPPC i.e. ICC Event Participation Criteria for the qualifying event of ICC Men’s T20 world cup 2021. ICC never fails to deliver the heart-stopping and hair-raising cricket with the best of the world in one field.

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The lack of general public interest and enthusiasm was perceivable as only a handful of 3000 tickets was sold just the before the beginning of the game, accounted on the previous day of the commencement of the India and South Africa’s 3rd Test held in Ranchi.

INDIA VS South Africa Match Tickets 2020

For the whole history to testify, South Africa was taken on by India in the third as well as the final test from Saturday onwards held in Ranchi. India’s whopping target to completely whitewash South Africa while leading with 2-0, which was to be witness for the first time in the Test series till date, yet only the number of IND vs SA Match Tickets 2020 sold were 3000.

From October 15, the operation of ticket counters began but there seem to be no excitement whatsoever in the hometown of MS Dhoni, Ranchi, when India emerged out victorious in the series taken place in Vizag.

The ticket counters were looking extremely abandoned and deserted as there were no bustling of people or long queues.

The disappointment stated by Faisal and Dhiraj, the die-hard aficionados of cricket, came all the way to Ranchi from Rajasthan to attend the final test match was obvious : only fans like them have the interest to watch the format of five days. The majority cricket buffs are satisfied with just the succinct form of the game.

However, the organizers did not lose the expectation of attracting better crowd situation while the progression of the game takes place since the counters would remain open on all the 5 days during the Test. They hope to have the turnout of 75%. Many fans went the airport and the team hotel to greet and praise their heroes in fair number. Few cricket players landed in Ranchi on October 15 while the rest came on the second day.

India’s pride and captain, Virat Kohli arrived on Friday morning in Ranchi.

The situation was similar in 2017 when Australia was hosted by India in Ranchi.

Both South Africa and India have trained hard for the Test. While India’s approach was clinical as well as ruthless, South Africa needs to dramatically improve in order to resist India’s blows.

India has no plans to create changes inside the team unless an extra spinning is involved. If that happens, a pacer could be replaced by Kuldeep Yadav, the left-arm spinner.ICC T20 World Cup 2020 shall hopefully turn out to be a success among the public from the present scenario. Book your ICC T20 world cup 2020 tickets to experience the extravaganza.