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This must sound shocking to you but yes legendary player Kapil Dev is not appreciating the return of the former captain of Indian team. As per the media reports, Kapil Dev has expressed his non-excitement about Dhoni returning on the play field. He also said that the league should be played by the younger generation and future stars. Before getting selected in India’s T20 world cup, Dhoni must play some matches.

From March 3, Dhoni will pilot his practices for the exciting and anticipated return into the IPL. As you all must be aware that after the ODI’s world cup played last year, there was uncertainty in the media about his career. Dhoni has also remained silent about the career speculations after the loss in the semifinal. Before the semi final exit, Captain of Chennai Super Kings led the country to conquer two world titles. In January, Dhoni’s name was crossed from BCCI’s list of centrally contracted players.

In the 5th Edition of HCL grant event, Kapil Dev said that  MS Dhoni is not the only person playing IPL. As a viewer, we want young players to get the bat and playing field, on whom we can be proud for the coming 10 years. If you see Dhoni’s record, he has done enough for the country. Kapil Dev also added that as Dhoni’s fan he would love him to play but as a cricketer, management has it all to decide. Dhoni has been out of the playing field for almost one year, so before entering the team he must play a few matches.

No one should be given special treatment, every player is the same and should follow the same parameter also added. As a cricket fan, everyone loves MS Dhoni on the playing field but he is on his last leg and Kapil wants the next generation to take the charge now and make their country proud on international ground.

Media also asked him about Jasprit Bumrah’s game. The 1983 world cup winning skipper is not a least bit worried. He is confident that Jasprit’s magic will be back on the field, he just needs a wicket-taking spell. He also commented that the body takes its own time to heal an injury and for a person or we can say cricketer like Jasprit Bumrah it will not take much time to be back in form. When asked about how confident he is about Jasprit, he said that the speedster’s former performances on the ground are enough to be confident about his comeback. Jasprit Bumrah went into a back injury.

As a Kapil Dev fan, I loved what he said about the cricketer that you need an inning as a batsman, one good spell as a bowler to make a great comeback. He only needs a few wickets. Kapil Dev also spoke in favour of management that they need to look at every aspect to select a player for a game. As an audience we just see one side of the puzzle. He also commented that the mistake in the opening test must be corrected by the team in the second game going to be held in Christchurch 07-03-2020 against New Zealand. 

The cricketing great has appreciated and very happy about the Indian women’s cricket team entering the semi final in the ICC women’s T20 world cup going on in Australia. He appreciated the BCCI for providing not only opportunities but also facilities to the girls in the cricket world. Compared with former 15 years, now the women cricket team is much more equipped and skilled to handle.

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