If you wish to leave the constant honking of cars and incessant repair work at your neighbor’s house, come to Brighton for a quiet weekend and enjoy the Australian sun, just like it is supposed to be enjoyed, surfing and lazing around the beach, soaking in the beautiful surroundings and being entertained by the locals and your fellow travelers.

Life at Brighton beach

If you travel a little further away from St. Kilda during your Australia tour, you will reach a small suburb of Brighton, which is basically a market center. The beach is adjacent to the market hub and is home to brightly colored homes and huts. If you are there for a short weekend trip, you may rent these properties, and if you fall in love with Brighton beach, (which is highly likely), you can purchase these pop colored residences.

Experience the virgin sands of Brighton

Some travelers shy away from certain spots simply because they are overcrowded by tourists and thus become victims of capitalism, but Brighton Beach is a virgin haven for peace lovers. There are several kinds of accommodations available at the beach which include small boutique hotels and remodeled homes, and as mentioned earlier, you can always choose to stay at the beach huts. These huts give a distinct character to this beach town and are adorned by a unique painting each. The beach has several instances of individuality that beats none. The water at Brighton beach is crystal clear and is suitable for short swims. When you reach the end of the beach, you are able to see the serene atmosphere of the city, all the while living your best life at the beach.

What makes this beach town unique?

Brighton beach is a unique spot for nature lovers and the whole credit goes to the people who have been resilient to keep the town away from the hustle and bustle of tourist and tourism. Spend a quick weekend at the beach and walk to a little cafe corner, sit back, relax and breath the sea air. The next time you are at Brighton, surely you would be drawn to extend that beach weekend to a staycation.Visit pickyourtrail and get further information on the adventures at Brighton beach and let us take care of your vacation/staycation during your next Australia tour package. All you need to do is relax and maybe take a surfing lesson or two.

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