Australia is an enormous country. So there is a large distance between all the prime cities. All Australian airlines provide low price flights to travel on the domestic path and the highways connect the entire country. So one needs to properly plan to get around Australia.

Air Travel in Australia

Most of the North Americans arrive at Melbourne or Sydney international airport. United Airlines, Air NewZealand, Qantas, Virgin Australia are the most common airlines. There are many more options to fly within Australia. The Sydney- Melbourne is the busiest path and this 1.5-hour flight fare is quite reasonable. There are Sydney Brisbane and Sydney Perth flight services. Qantas, Virgin Australia almost covers the whole country. During your Australia tour, you can go for regional airlines that serve remote areas of smaller towns and countries.

Car Travel in Australia

Car travel is well-liked in Australia and some of the most popular cars-for-hire companies are available here. Sometimes charges are high while some of the brands charge less. Baywater Car Rental is a popular company for its cheap rates and has stations in Sydney and Perth.

In Australia there are traffic rules like driving on the left side of the road, driving speed limits approximately from 70 to 110 kilometers per hour and the police do random breath testing(RBT) to test alcohol levels of drivers.

Train route in Australia

Two famous train journeys are the Ghan and the Indian-Pacific(IP). Though the fares are pretty high, the experience of the journey more than makes up for the extravagant fares. IP joins Perth to Sydney. The Ghan connects Adelaide and Darwin. There are long-distance trains which cover some regions of Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and some areas of Western Australia.

Bus route in Australia

Long-distance journey by bus is very common and cheaper than journeys by train. Greyhound Australia mostly covers the entire country. New coaches have charger points, restrooms, etc.

Campervans, Motorhomes, and Caravans

There are many outlets that let you rent campervans, motorhomes, and caravans. Campervans are mainly for couples and are the cheapest one among the three above mentioned options. Motorhomes are expensive and have bed options, a kitchen table, and a small bathroom. The caravans are often seen in the coastal areas of Australia. Britz and Jucy Rentals are the common local arranger.

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